SAMSUNG MOBILE: Inspire the World, Create the Future

SAMSUNG MOBILE: Inspire the World, Create the Future

The Samsung Group is a South Korea-based conglomerate that includes a number of subsidiaries. It’s one of the largest businesses in Korea, producing nearly one-fifth of the country’s total exports with a primary focus on electronics, heavy industry, construction, and defence.

Other major subsidiaries of Samsung include insurance, advertising, and entertainment.

The meaning of the word Samsung is “three stars,” with the number three representing “something powerful”. 

It is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices.

The 2000s witnessed the birth of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone series, which quickly not only became the company’s most-praised product but also frequently topped annual lists of the best-selling smartphones in the world. Beginning in 2010, the Galaxy series expanded to tablet computers with the introduction of the Galaxy Tab. 

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, Samsung acquired companies that developed technologies for electronic devices. In 2011, Samsung released the Galaxy S II, followed in 2012 by the Galaxy S III, one of the world’s most popular smartphones. The year 2012 also marked Samsung becoming the world’s largest mobile phone maker and the acquisition of mSpot to provide entertainment to Samsung device users.

In September 2014, Samsung announced the Gear VR, a virtual reality device developed for use with the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung has proven to be a major player in the mobile technology business in terms of innovation and creativity till date.

With new devices such as Galaxy Z Fold 2, Z Flip and Galaxy Active Watch, the functionalities and convenience of Samsung’s devices have grown to be endless and expandable beyond anything the world has ever seen.

Also, with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, you experience incredible health benefits such as monitoring your heart rate, controlling and managing your stress levels among other functions.

To get your Samsung devices, call 09040788012 or visit the Tech Experience Centre at Yudala Heights, 13, Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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