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Join the Tech Revolution in Africa

First of its kind in the world - Global IT Giants converge to save Nigerians billions of dollars in travels. The Tech Experience Centre avails tech enthusiasts and business professionals the platform to see, feel and interact with the latest innovations in the industry.
Unique Tech Products

Hosting More than 200 people at a time

The Best Private or Collective Experience

Our display rooms are spacious enough to not just host more than 200 people at once but allow each one of them have an experience second to none.
You can do a physical tour around the technologies in our facility. We also offer the virtual experience.
First Hand Experience with Cutting-edge Technology

Showcasing Technologies from the World Leaders.

So many reasons to book a tour

Yes, you can do a virtual tour around our facility. 

Gadgets from Tech leader like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung. You may want to check out our home-ware and collection of home electronic collection from the best innovators.

Yes, we provide a tour guide to assist you locate the products and solutions that you are interested in. 

What we are offering

Tech Experience

World class first hand tech experience from the Best Technologies in their Industries.

Interaction with Tech Brands

Consumers can connect with global technology brands.


Genuine products and services from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)


Can host over 200 people at a time to have equal seamless firsthand experience

Full security cameras

World-class conference room for decision makers.

Strength and Capabilities

Our photo gallery

360 +
Technology Professionals in more than 5 countries
12 +
Offices presently located across Africa, Europe, & Middle East
$ 1 Bn+
Revenue Projection for fiscal year ending 31st March 2023

Driving a Technology Revolution Across Africa

The TECH EXPERIENCE CENTRE is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and smart gadgets to rival the best in Silicon Valley and will offer various leading brands the opportunity to showcase state-of-the-art technologies with an emphasis on Focused Solutions addressing the technology needs of the region.

Explore our standard private offices

Offices, and Conference Rooms

What they are saying.

Technology at your Fingertips

Get to connect with producers of innovations and Technologies such as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Phillips and enjoy an experience second to none. 

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